2017 marketing meeting was held successfully in Xiaoshan

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March 27-29, Hangzhou Zhijiang Company 2017 the national marketing meeting was successfully held in Hangzhou. More than a hundred distributors from across the country gathered together, summed up the past achievements and shortcomings, and discussed the deployment of this year's marketing work.


On 28th morning, annual meeting was opened. Chairman and general manager He Yongfu, deputy general manager Liu Ming, assistant general manager and marketing director Zhang Xu, director of sales Jia Guojiang, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by the director of marketing Zhang Xu and given the welcome speech.


Deputy General Manager Liu Ming given the annual marketing report. Liu said that in the past year, in the complex and volatile market environment, Hangzhou Zhijiang Company and all distributors together resisted the pressure to achieve steady growth. Hangzhou Zhijiang Company steadily promote the product innovation based on customer demand, carry out market service and brand building work comprehensively and systematically, and have achieved some success. In the face of the current opportunities and challenges, Zhijiang Company looks forward to the majority of the distributors to assume the responsibility of the owner of the spirit, offer advice and suggestions, and developed together with Zhijiang Company. At the same time, the company will continue to do a good job in the system services, to do their best support for the distributors.

In the meeting, sales director Mr. Jia Guojiang announced a list of outstanding distributors, the company leadership has given the award winning unit. Hangzhou Zhijiang Company has strict screening system for dealers, each dealer is the backbone of the development of the Zhijiang Company. Mr.Jia said that through various aspects of the selection of excellent dealer representatives are only part of the excellent team, each dealer is the precious treasure of Zhijiang Company, but also look forward to the next year there are more partners in this ranks.



He Yongfu, chairman and general manager of the company, made an important speech at the meeting. Mr. He emphasized the manufacturers and distributors vendor integration is an important development concept of the company, and company is actively promoting the construction and improvement of the dialogue platform  for manufacturers and distributors, will further smooth for the dealers communication, strengthen cooperation, hand in hand. In the current market environment, the company has made a systematic analysis and judgment on the overall trend of the development of the industry, and made a deployment. Zhijiang Company is well aware of the pain in the industry, the competition will be more intense, Zhjiang Company believes that only the company to comply with the laws of the market, it can be healthy and sustainable development. Adhere to the brand, adhere to quality, firm innovation is the Zhijiang Company not deviate from the principle of Zhijiang to adapt to the rhythm of doing adjustment and deployment constantly, but at the same time the company has been pursuing vendor integration strategy is continuous and stable, Zhijiang Company adhere to service distributor concept is clear and consistent, the company is determined to safeguard the interests of dealers, unwavering. Zhijiang Company hopes to maintain the passion of the two venture of each dealer, and the total innovation together with Zhijiang Company.



In the national dealer meeting, arranged the visit for all distributors to the production base which is located in Hangzhou Jiangdong hi tech Park, and made a systematic training and guidance for the dealers with the new research results of Zhijiang Company, and also made a detailed introduction of Zhijiang Company new standards. Many of the old customers have been shocked, just two years later, once again into the base of Zhijang Company, the company's R & D, production, quality and ability to a new level.

On 29th, the company organized all distributors travelled to Zhejiang, Wuzhen, this annual distributor meeting was a complete success.


Zhijiang Company hope more confidence by all the distributors of Zhjiang Company adhere to the overall strategic layout; to overcome the current problems of market, more determination of faced industry transformation; to respond to market changes, more patient for Zhijiang Company continued to promote all service and the reform work. Zhijiang Company will maintain their own initial heart, and together with all distributors joint efforts to achieve win-win situation.