Hangzhou Zhijiang Company was honored two honours by the China Quality Inspection Association

Report date:2017-05-18Reading times: 317

China Quality Inspection Association as quality inspection industry under the administration of national quality inspection organization and quality professional organizations, in order to further implement the important spirit of "quality development program (2011-2020)" and "the social credit system construction plan (2014-2020)", strengthen brand building, to promote the whole society to participate in the construction of power quality leading enterprises, enhance the level of quality, encourage enterprises to consciously fulfill their social responsibility, to provide impartial and reliable quality information and consumer information to the whole society, to create a safe and secure environment for consumers. It was decided to organize the association of product quality supervision of qualified production enterprises and nearly five years at all levels of quality inspection in the national quality inspection and stability without any unqualified records of qualified products production enterprises show the announcement.

Hangzhou Zhijiang Company since the established in 1996, the company from top to bottom to firmly establish the quality is life as the enterprise concept, take the good quality achieves the success as a priority among priorities in the development of enterprises, enhance the quality of products and services, and strive to build the enterprise quality consciousness. This is the Zhijiang Company quality development requirements, more in line with the national strategy of quality, Zhijiang development in this concept, the pace of progress is particularly sonorous and forceful.

This appraise and elect acctivities of China Quality Inspection Association, Zhijiang is the second time was honored. Through layers of screening and appraisal, Zhijiang successfully won the 2012 - 2017 year "national industry leading quality brand" and "national quality inspection qualified product stability" double honors. As the sealant production enterprises, Zhijiang Company is the only award, this is the Zhijiang Company second times won more than two awards, it also further motivate the Zhijiang people not forget the early heart and temper counterparts, carry forward the artisan spirit, raise quality and brand, as in the past to strive to enhance the quality, guide quality consumption, for to improve the quality of products and services, the development of power China entered the era of quality and make new contributions.