Hangzhou Zhijiang Company undertakes the second forum application and development of new materials for the automotive industry

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In April 21st, directed by China Automobile Industry Association, China Institute of automotive engineering, Zhejiang Province Automobile Industry Association, Chinese automobile industry Association automotive related industries branch, Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Zhijiang new materials Co. Ltd. "2017 Second forum application and development of new materials for the automotive industry " held at the Shangri-la Hotel.


After G20, before the Asian Games, from now on, Hangzhou became so important city. The most beautiful time is April, the beautiful city is Westlake. In April, passion and hope were kindled by vigorous vitality.

The beginning of the meeting, Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals Co. Ltd., Deputy General Manager, Secretary industrial sealant department, director of the technical center Ms. Tao, who is authorized by chairman Mr. He Yongfu gave the welcome speech, expressed warm welcome to the leaders and guests and heartfelt thanks. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Sun Hui and Dr. Sang Guangyi.

Chinese Automobile Industry Association consultant Shen Ningwu, Minister of the Ministry of information Chinese Automobile Industry Association Chen Shihua, Secretary Li Jing, Chinese Automobile Industry Association,Zhejiang Province Economic and information committee leadership, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District development and Reform Commission leadership, Jiangdong industrial agglomeration and Jiangdong industrial agglomeration Merchants leading industry associations and local leaders attended the forum, and brings the interpretation of national policies and market dynamics.

The "2017 Second China automotive industry application and Development Forum", got support by raw materials suppliers for automobile manufacturing, auto parts, automobile after market like Evonik, BASF, also SAIC, from Shanghai Volkswagen, SAIC GM Wuling, GAMC, Chinese FAW, Dongfeng Group, Changan automobile Changan, Ford, BAIC, Dongfeng Group, BYD automobile, Geely Automobile, Chery automobile, the Great Wall automobile and 33 joint ventures and independent brand automotive OEMs and automotive OEMs supporting partners such as light from the domestic and foreign automobile industry, more than 100 government officials, industry leaders, business leaders and experts and scholars gathered together from the prospective of domestic automobile industry "lightweight, energy-saving, comfortable, intelligent" industry trends, explore China's automotive industry with NVH, adhesives, sealants and other new materials development of new ways for the automotive adhesives and sealants industry dedicated a professional forum.


Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Committee introduced at this stage the industry situation of Zhejiang province automobile industry and related policy developments, analyzes the development trend of the automotive industry, gave the praise for the Zhijiang company contribution to the automotive industry in Zhejiang province, and gave high hopes of Zhijiang Company play important role of promote automotive industry lightweight transformation in the days after.


Hangzhou Jiangdong industrial agglomeration zone leadership gave the introduction of the Hangzhou Jiangdong industrial agglomeration area of industrial development, investment, the development situation of Jiangdong agglomeration automobile industry (Higashika Hirotaka, Changan Ford, GAC trumpchi, Geely Automobile), gave appreciation for Hangzhou Zhijiang New Material Co. Ltd. who play an important role for Jiangdong automobile industry.

Chinese Automobile Industry Association released monthly information spokesman ,director of the Ministry of information industry of Chinese automobile industry association Chen Shihua, gave the report of entitled "analysis China automobile industry economic operation", the report is divided into three parts to explain the situation of Chinese automobile market at the present stage, Chinese 2017 automobile industry market forecast and the 1 quarter of 2017, the economic operation of the automotive industry characteristics. For the development of automotive industry provides important data and information support.


Minister Yang Jie of the Ministry of light China Automotive Engineering Society published a report entitled "the development of automotive lightweight technology and demand of structure sealant", put forward the importance and technical progress of automotive lightweight, automotive lightweight takes the demand of high performance structural adhesive, the problems to be solved in the three parts to analyze the automotive lightweight structural adhesive application.


Subsequently, Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals Co. Ltd. Ms. Tao Xiaole, gave the speech of entitled "the JAC car business development strategy report”, which was detailed introduced Zhijiang enterprise development, the development of automobile industry, development of new materials for automobile and Zhijiang company development strategy of automobile industry.  Ms. Tao Xiaole on behalf of Zhijiang company management, announced the blueprint for the development of automotive materials manufacturing base,  and strategic direction of Zhijiang Company is committed to promoting the automotive industry with new materials in automobile manufacturing, auto parts, automotive aftermarket of lightweight, intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection.


Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals Co. Ltd., professional technologist who is responsible for the NVH project, epoxy structural adhesive, polyurethane windscreen sealant, primary, MS polymer sealant, polyurethane hot melt adhesive, car battery project, silicone sealant for automotive industry, are respectively introduced in detail of the project progress.


This second forum application and development of new materials for the automotive industry, is held in the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, the national supply side of the theme of the reform and Hangzhou Zhijiang with relevant departments in charge of industry ,it is the share of wisdom conference, meanwhile it is Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemical Co. Ltd. a try to promote the green seal lightweight, intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection, but also an attempt of show company innovation. In the process of upgrading traditional industrial manufacturing to modern industrial intelligence, Zhijiang Company will spare no effort to organize forces to provide technical support for the development of the industry, and work together with China's industrial manufacturing to achieve transformation and upgrading.