Hangzhou Zhijiang New Materials Co., Ltd., Annual Production of 1000 Tons Car Lamp Hot Melt Sealant and 500 Tons Epoxy Sealant Project Test Run

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Dec. 30, 2018, Our company completed the construction of environmental protection production facilities according to the requirement of 4000 tons, Annual Output, of New Material Industrial Sealant Environmental Impact Letter. And entered the commissioning stage on Jan. 2, 2019. This stage is to be going till Apr. 15, 2019.


I. Brief description of construction projects

1. Project Name: 1000 Tons Car Lamp Hot Melt Sealant and 500 Tons Epoxy Sealant

2. Project Site: No. 1569 Jingqi Road, Linjiang Industrial Park, Dajiangdong Industrial Agglomeration Area, Hangzhou

3. Project nature: new projects.


II. Construction Project Environmental Impact

Exhaust gas: Local ventilation is adopted and special dust remover is set up.

Waste water: Spraying waste water is recycled after treatment; domestic sewage, after septic tank treatment, is discharged into buried domestic sewage treatment plant. It can be discharged only after meeting the environmental standards.

Noise: mainly from the operation of different equipments. After taking specific measures to control the noise, its value of each factory boundary can meet the corresponding standards.

Solid waste: solid waste generated by the project can be handled properly, will not have any impact on the surrounding environment.


III. Countermeasures of Preventing or Alleviate Adverse Harmful Environmental Impact

Exhaust gas is collected by gas collector, dust collector and other devices and discharged at an altitude of 15 m.

Waste water: Spraying waste water is recycled after treatment; domestic sewage is treated by septic tank and discharged into buried domestic sewage treatment plant, and discharged after meeting the standards.

Noise: Choose low noise equipments and arrange them reasonably, at the same time, take certain sound insulation and noise reduction measures.

Solid waste: Hazardous solid waste is entrusted to qualified units for safe disposal. Generally, solid waste is comprehensively utilized or transported by the environmental sanitation department.


IV. Environmental Impact Statement

Hangzhou Zhijiang New Materials Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 4000 tons of industrial sealing materials, which conforms to the national industrial policy guidance and the planning of environmental functional zones; a certain amount of pollutants, such as water, gas, sound and solid wastes, are produced during the operation process, and can meet the discharge standards after treatment. The pollutants discharge meet the national and provincial standards for pollutant discharge and meet the main pollutants stipulated by the state and provinces. The total amount control index of dye discharge; the environmental impact of the pollutants after treatment is acceptable, which meets the environmental quality requirements determined by the environmental function zoning of the construction project site. Therefore, this project is feasible as long as its construction and operation process, conscientiously implement the pollution prevention measures proposed in this report, conscientiously implement various environmental protection laws and regulations, from the perspective of environmental impact.


V. Contacts

Project Construction Unit: Hangzhou Zhijiang New Materials Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Lu Biao

Contact number: 15869013084