Environmental protection

Zhijiang attaches great importance to the comprehensive protection of environment. Zhijiang attaches great importance to the protection of environment from product development to factory arrangement. Zhijiang insists on using less resources to create more value. From the disposal of waste products, products recycling and other aspects, Zhijiang advocates the principle of cyclic utilization and standardized treatment.


Zhijiang provides detailed product safety use specifications and information, and makes great efforts to avoid and reduce the risk of harm to the human body and the environment when using the products. Zhijiang tries to ensure that the products are used in a reasonable condition will not cause harm to the human body and the environment.

Job, factory and transportation safety

During the workshop equipment operation and implementation of production processes, Zhijiang attachs importance to the safety of the personnel and the environment. Therefore, Zhijiang implements security standards and 6S management, in order to do the safety assessment of the entire production process and the management of the work area. Zhijiang attachs importance to safety training, and constantly conducts safety training to the factory staff to help them raise safety awareness. Zhijiang provides workers with a variety of security devices to protect their occupational safety.


The positive and the enthusiasm of the employees makes Zhijiang’s innovation ability is very close to customers. We provide a good working environment and rich training for our employees to support their career development. Zhijiang is committed to becoming an international enterprise, so we need every employee's ability and professionalism. We regard our employees as a valuable asset.


We focus on the development as well as the contribution to the society. If an enterprise wants to be successful, it must gain the trust of the society. Therefore, Zhijiang takes the initiative to take on social responsibility, especially the social responsibility of the area where the production base is located. In the aspect of social public welfare, Zhijiang is committed to establishing a sustainable partnership, giving priority to funding for long-term projects.