Zhijiang is a national high-tech enterprise, and built a provincial high-tech enterprise research and development centeron the provincial technology center in 2012. Besides, Zhijiang has built a national post-doctoral research center and the biggest center lab and testing center in the industry. The testing center in Zhijiang became a national lab(Number of certificate:CNAS L7986) on Sep 29th 2015.

  Zhijiang has built eight research and development technical platform, which are separately researching silicone for construction, silicone for industry, polysulfide, butyl, polyurethane and modified polyurethane, epoxy, NVH and functional coating. Based on the eight technical platform, Zhijiang is developing various projects at present.

  Zhijiang has a lot of experimental equipment which cost more than 20,000,000 RMB in technical center, such as drop weight test system made by Instron, high-temperature tensile machine made by Shimazu, universal materials tensile machine made by Zwick, microcomputer tensile machine, TD+GCMS and LC made by Agilent, GC made by Agilent, DSC made by Mettler, IR made by Brook, high-speed centrifuge made by FlackTek, UV aging test chamber and Xe aging test chamber made by Q-Lab, thermal conductivity measuring instrument made by CTI, weather resistance test chamber and so on. As Zhijiang’s technical center has the best experimental equipment and all kinds of simulation experiment equipment, Zhijiang can do comprehensive tests of sealant, including impact resistance test, mechanical property test, loss of mechanical property test, mechanical fatigue resistance test, aging resistance test and so on. Using TD+GCMS and LC, Zhijiang can test VOC of sealant and sealant specimen to meet the needs of custom.

Up to now, Zhijiang has 17 authorized patents, including 7 patents for invention and 10 patents for utility models. Zhijiang has also built 18 company standards, directed 2 national or industrial standards and participated in 14 national or industrial standards. Zhijiang devotes itself to scientific and technological innovation, and takes part in the formulation of Edge seals of building photovoltaic laminated glass and Technical guide of building photovoltaic, which are industrial standards attached importance by photovoltaic building applications committee. Besides, Zhijiang takes part in formulating industrial standard of one-part polyurethane sealant and adhesive used in car’s window glass.