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Silicone sealant is polydimethyl siloxane as the main raw material, supplemented by cross-linking agent, filler, plasticizer, coupling agent, catalyst paste mixture under vacuum. At room temperature by react with water in the air-cured to form the elastic silicone rubber.Strong bonding of silicone sealant, tensile strength, and weather resistance, vibration resistance, and protection against moisture, odor-resistant and adapt to the characteristics of the large variation of hot and cold. With its broader applicability, can realize the bonding between most of the building materials, so that the value is very large.Silicone sealant in curtain wall project is mainly used in curtain wall structural assembly, and stone curtain wall of glass curtain wall caulking.

 Silicone structural sealant for                 Weatherproof Silicone sealant for 

curtain wall structural assembly                     curtain wall of glass sealing

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Stone Silicone adhesive for stone curtain wall joint


Insulating glass is anew excellent sound and heat insulationbuilding materials with frost-proof, moisture-proof, wind resistance strength, beautiful and suitable, and can reduce the weight of the building. It is made of two (or three) pieces of glass with high strength and high gas-tight composite binder, glass and aluminum frame containing a desiccant bonded with high performance insulation.Beautiful appearance of lightweight of hollow glass curtain wall, is not pollution, save energy, room warm in winter and cool in summer, greatly improving the living environment.Insulated glass performance is superior to ordinary double glazing, has been recognized by countries around the world, consumption is also growing, correspond to the two-component silicone sealant and demand for more and more.


The main role of hot melt butyl rubber in insulating glass is to prevent water or inert gases in and out of the glass cavity, and provides a certain degree of shear strength and bond strength.

Two-component silicone insulating adhesive for hollow glass two seals, products with high strength, high adhesion and excellent resistance to weathering, resistance to high and low temperature performance, resistance to ozone, UV and water resistant joint movement capability, fast curing, pollution-free, products of excellent performance.

Two-component silicone insulating adhesive for hollow glass two seals


Two seals can also use polysulfide rubber, FINOTECH-998 two-component of polysulfide sealant for insulating glass is a solvent-free, two-component, room temperature curing sealants.

FINOTECH-998 on glass, aluminum, galvanized steel material has excellent bonding properties. For online low-e glass is with good adhesion; for low-e glass to offline, because the edge needed to remove and remove wheel material and membrane removal process is different, must do compatibility test.

FINOTECH-998 viscosity can be adjusted depending on the device and the environment changes, generally applicable to automatic insulating glass production line (mechanical engineering) and manual production line (manual works).

Feature :

   Two-component, room temperature curing

  Good bonding properties

  Excellent resistance to aging

    Extremely low water vapour permeability

  Does not contain solvents and low-boiling substances, no pollution

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Application field

  • Beijing Wanda Plaza
  • Beijing Yintai Building
  • Beijing Galaxy Soho - Beijing East Second Ring New Landmark
  • Shenzhen Baoan Airport
  • New passenger hub in Guangzhou South Railway Station (the largest passenger hub in the world)
  • Techi Tower
  • Anhui International financial and trade center
  • F1 International Circuit (one of the Asia’s three biggest international circuit)
  • Anhui Lianghuai International Hotel
  • Baidu International Building
  • Beijing South Railway Station (Top one railway station in Asia)
  • Beijing Capital International Airport T3 Terminal (the most advanced and largest civil airport in World)
  • Chengdu Renhe Spring Plaza
  • Chengdu Xinian Plaza
  • Dalian Huaxin International Software Park
  • Dalian Center Second Phase of Eton
  • Foshan Stadium
  • Ganzhou Bank Financial Building
  • Guangzhou Panyu Tianhe City
  • Guangzhou International Sports Arena (NBA Asia’s Base Camp)
  • Guangzhou Taikoo Hui Plaza( top ten landmark complex in China)
  • State Environmental Protection Administration Building
  • Handan Culture and Art Center
  • Hangzhou Opera House
  • Hangzhou Citizen Center
  • Hefei Intermediate People's Court
  • Henan Sports Center
  • Henan Art Center
  • Hubei China Water Conservancy Museum
  • Jinan West Railway Station
  • Lhasa Gonggar Airport
  • Lanzhou New District Integrated Service Center
  • Nanchang Binjang No.1 Community
  • Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Stadium
  • Nanjing Green Exposition Garden
  • Air Ocean International City of Nanning
  • Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center
  • Qingdao Nord Square
  • People’s Daily
  • Sanya MGM Hotel
  • Songjiang New Hospital of Shanghai No.1 People's Hospital
  • Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
  • Shanghai South Railway Station
  • Shanghai Zendai Himalayas Art Center
  • Shenzhen Anbo Electronic Science and Technology Factory
  • Shenzhen Shuangxi Garden
  • Shenzhen Sunshine Kechuang Center
  • Shenyang Huafu Plaza
  • Wuhan International Expo Center
  • XiAn Railway Station North Station
  • Xiamen Haixi Center
  • Yangzhou Taizhou Airport
  • China Zheshang Bank
  • National Museum of China
  • Chongqing Jiangbei Airport
  • Anhui Publishing Building
  • Changchun Shanghai Green Plaza
  • Changsha Shuntian International Financial Centre
  • Chengdu Mingyu Financial Centre
  • Dalian International Finance Centre (the tallest building in Northeast)
  • Guangzhou R
  • Guangzhou Westin Hotel
  • Hanjiang International Building
  • Hebei Kaiyuan Global Centre(The highest building in Hebei Province)
  • Lanzhou Crowne Plaza
  • Liuzhou International Wealth Centre (The highest building in Guangxi Province)
  • Nanjing Jinao building
  • Nokia Headquarters Building
  • Building of Shandong inspection and Quarantine Bureau
  • Shandong Shengli Oil Field Comprehensive building
  • Shanghai Tomorrow Plaza
  • Shanghai Le Royal Méridien
  • Shaoxing Shimao Building
  • The second phase of Shenzhen Burton Science Park
  • Shenzhen Keda NGA Court
  • Shenzhen Cuizhu Road Jewelry Testing Center
  • Shenzhen Tiansha International Cenntre
  • Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park
  • Suzhou Gate of the Orient
  • Suzhou Industrial Park Modern Building
  • Wenzhou World Trade Center
  • Xi'an Fortune Center
  • Xiamen Chang Kempinski Hotel
  • New HNA Building (the landmarks of Haikou)
  • Zhenzhou Green Land Plaza
  • China Water Conservancy Museum (the unique glass pagoda in the world)
  • Zhuhai National Tax Building
  • Al baraka bank in bahrain
  • Chicago water view building
  • Chingi business park in Singapore
  • EvnTower in Vietnam
  • Georgia police station
  • Muscat Airport control tower in Oman
  • Polwel Carnation in Bangladesh

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