Silane modified polyether sealant, also called modified silane polyether, silane modified polyether, silane terminated polyether or modified silicone (MS) sealant; does not contain solvents and has good workability, cohesiveness, durability and weatherability. It can produce superior cohesiveness for most building and industrial materials without applying any primer, and has been widely used in the world for its non-polluting and paintability.


1. Industrial MS Sealant

FT-910 FT-920 FT-930

- Usage: Effective bonding with various metals and coated metal materials without primer

2. Modified polyurethane sealant

- Usage: Used for bonding and sealing of engineering plastics such as PVC, ABS, polyester, nylon 66, etc. At the same time, it has certain bonding strength for glass fiber reinforced materials.

3. Sealants for Locomotives and Vehicles

- Usage: Used for sealing of window glass, inner wall, window frame, aluminum floor, welding and sealing of outside frame.

4. Sealants for elevators

- Usage: Used for bonding of elevator reinforcement ribs to improve the strength of elevators' compartment


Product characteristics

[1] Environmental protection products: Solvent-free, PVC-free, isocyanate-free, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, fast curing;

[2] Surface paintability: Compatible with most industrial paints, it can be sprayed after surface drying without affecting curing speed.

[3] Easy to use: excellent thixotropy and extrusion, wide temperature range.

[4] Good adhesion: Excellent adhesion to most metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, coated steel, zinc, copper and PVC, polyester materials;

[5] Excellent weather and aging resistance, excellent tensile and compressive resilience;

Neutral curing, no corrosiveness to stone, cement and other building materials, overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary silicone glue easily.


Basic usage

MSALL sealant for industrial use is suitable for:

[1] Elastic bonding and sealing of buses, trains, RV and truck structures;

[2] Bonding of the roof of buses, trains and trucks;

[3] Adhesion of aluminium or polyester inside and outside the RV;

[4] Bonding of polyester components to metal frames;

[5] Adhesion of floor system;

Elevator car, container, warship, metal structure, machinery, electronics, plastics, air conditioning, clean room, ventilation equipment and other seam seals

[7] Structural Bonding of Other Materials



Figure 1. Application on High-speed Railway Motor Vehicles




Figure 2. Application on buses




Figure 3. Weatherability comparison with polyurethane




Figure 4. Application on Ships





Fig. 5. Application on trucks and containers


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