Plane seal

Solve the Sealing Problem of Automotive Engine and Gearbox

Application Background of Planar Sealant

If the seal of engine and gear box is not good, it will cause three leakages (oil leakage, water leakage,and air leakage). The light causes environmental pollution, and the heavy causes engine parts or whole machine failure. The traditional way to solve the problem of three leaks is to use pre-formed gaskets to seal the parts that need to be sealed, such as non-metallic rubber gaskets, metal gaskets, cork board gaskets, etc. Because of the problems of processing accuracy, distortion, loosening and so on in use, the sealing effect will decrease over a long period of time. At present, many main engine and parts manufacturers adopt in-situ gasket sealing, mainly using plane seal, which coats liquid sealant on the engine and other parts that need to be sealed, and solidifies to form a sealing gasket. Compared with the pre-formed gasket seal, the in-situ formed gasket seal has the advantages of accurate positioning, good sealing effect, convenient use and cost saving. Therefore, the in-situ formed gasket seal is more and more widely used.

Zhijiang plane sealant adopts new environmental protection formula, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, one-component packaging, easy to use, fast surface drying time (5-30 minutes), can be used between 60℃- 260℃, has excellent resistance to engine oil, gear oil performance, filling gap up to 6 mm, through SGS, TUV certification, it is a very suitable choice for automotive engine manufacturers and after-sales maintenance manufacturers.



Planar Sealant Application Pictures

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