Coatings & Paints for construction

Building exterior wall coating, building interior wall coating, floor coating and roof waterproof coating

    Coatings Division is based on the company's high-tech background, the main research and development, production and sales of environmentally friendly waterborne coatings. Among them, organosilicon resin coating is the "863" achievement conversion application project, while drawing lessons from Germany's advanced technology and production process. The series products have excellent performance and are widely used in various high-grade building exterior wall engineering, decoration and decoration engineering and automotive industry coatings and other related fields.

1. Silicone Coatings

2. Water-borne Environmental Protection Exterior Wall Coatings

3. Texture Coatings

4. Primer

5. Water-borne Eco-interior Wall Coatings

6. Fluorocarbon Paint

7. Floor paint

8. Multicolor Coatings

9. Waterproof Coatings


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