Zhijiang provides you with solutions for PV.

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According to the information released by the National Energy Administration, in June 2020, newly increased household photovoltaic installed capacity is 767,500 kilowatts. From January to June, the installed capacity of household photovoltaic power in china has reached 2.0393 million kilowatts in total. In the first half of 2020, the utilization rate of photovoltaic power generation  is as high as 97.9%. The photovoltaic industry is not affected by the epidemic, and the installed capacity is rising!


                              From January to June, household photovoltaic installations in china


Hangzhou Zhijiang is a manufacturer specializing in the production of adhesives and sealants. It has been intensively engaged in the industrial electronics segmentation field (photovoltaic industry) for many years. we have rich experience in industry application solutions for the sealing, bonding and potting system for photovoltaic modules and junction boxes. JS-606 silicone sealant, JS-1184 silicone potting sealant and other products are widely used in domestic and foreign photovoltaic module factories such as Jinko solar, Trina solar, Chint group and Dongfang Risheng with stable quality and excellent performance.



Founded in 1996, Zhijiang is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on technology innovation and market innovation. At present, we have many series of products such as silicone, polyurethane, epoxy, polysulfide, butyl, modified rubber, polyurethane hot melt adhesive, polyolefin hot melt adhesive, etc., which are used in automobiles, electronic appliances, semiconductors, LED lighting and display screen. We will provide customers with adhesives, sealants and perfect application solutions.


dream of Zhijiang- to provide systematic services, return to society, realize employees' values, and fulfill the dream of an enterprise with a history of 100 years via a Global view through continuous concentration and ceaseless innovation.