Hangzhou Zhijiang Company 2019 Scientific and Technological Work Conference

Report date:2019-04-10Reading times: 2242

From March 31 to April 1, 2019, Hangzhou Zhijiang Company held its 2019 scientific and technological conference at Kaiyuan Grassland Resort Hotel. The CompanyChairman & General Manager He Yong Fu, Vice General Manager Tao Xiaole, Vice General Manager Zhang Xu, Director of the Technology Platform, foreign experts, key technicians, project managers and more than 60 people attended the meeting. At the same time, Professor Fan Hong from the Department of Chemistry of Zhejiang University, and Dr. Zhu, an American adhesives expert, were invited to the meeting and respectively made their reports. 


At the meeting, the CompanyVice General Manager Tao Xiaole Presented the 2018 Innovation Award, Excellent Assistant Award and other scientific and technological awards. The awards were presented to the members of the winning project team and outstanding assistants. This innovation award includes outstanding contribution star, excellent development star, star of excellence and competition, tackling difficulty star, star of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement. It aims to encourage technical team and outstanding technical personnel to take customers at the center and create R&D value.


The companys Director of the R&D Center Chen Dan reported on the company's invention patents and papers published in 2018. Technical representatives of the main platforms of R&D centers and foreign experts made relevant work reports. In addition, Professor Fan Hong of Zhejiang University and Dr. Zhu, an American adhesives expert, respectively presented "Structural Regulation and Performance Optimization of Functional Silane and Siloxane-containing Copolymers" and "Development Strategy of Polyurethane Technology Platform" scientific reports.


At the end, the chairman of the company, He Yong Fu, concluded the meeting by recalling that through more than 20 years of technical introduction and precipitation; the digestion and absorption of technology, Hangzhou Zhijiang Company has built many open application platforms, such as silicone for construction, industrial silicone, automotive polyurethane, NVH, modified polyurethane MS, epoxy, butyl, polysulfide as well as special coatings. All these application platforms must be customer-oriented and value creation-oriented. He later elaborated on the R&D strategy of Hangzhou Zhijiang Company and how to propel the implementation of R&D innovation strategy. At the same time, he emphasized that we should fully respect intellectual property rights and encourage scientific and technological team, and strive to make Hangzhou Zhijiang Company truly realize technology-driven sustainable development.