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Company has eight series products which includes more than 60 varieties. Our “FINOTECH” brand sealants widely use for construction, automotive, machinery, electronic, electrical equipment and solar photovoltaic industry and other industries. Our products are not only well applied in domestic market, even sold very well to Europe, North American, South American, Southeast of Asia, Middle East and so on. Meanwhile, our products have a very high visibility and reputation in the world market.

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  • FT-997 Silicone Sealant for Insulating Glass

  • Silicone sealant

Product description


FT-997 is two components, high modulus; neutral curing silicone sealant specifically developed for assembly of high performance insulated glass units as secondary sealing material.

Where to use

It is a two-component silicone that offers variable work life with high bonding strength to maintain the integrity of insulating glass unit, suits both commercial and residential IGU.

Key features

1. High Modulus

2. UV resistance

3. Low vapor and gas transmission

4. Primerless adhesion to coated glass

5. 100% compatible to FT-301, FT-8000 


GB/T 29755-2013;EN1279-2,4


Component A(Base) - White,  Component B(Catalyst)- Black

Package (Net volume)

1. Component A(Base): (190L), Component B(Catalyst) (18.5L)

2. Component A(Base):24.5kg (18L),  Component B(Catalyst): 1.9kg (1.8L)

Shelf life

12 months 


If you want the TDS or MSDS or other details, please contact with our sales person.