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Company has eight series products which includes more than 60 varieties. Our “FINOTECH” brand sealants widely use for construction, automotive, machinery, electronic, electrical equipment and solar photovoltaic industry and other industries. Our products are not only well applied in domestic market, even sold very well to Europe, North American, South American, Southeast of Asia, Middle East and so on. Meanwhile, our products have a very high visibility and reputation in the world market.

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  • JS-316 Polyurethane Sealant for Glass

  • Polyurethane sealant

Product description


JS-316 is one-component, room temperature curing polyurethane sealant with good adhesive property. It has many advantages such as high strength, good elasticity, aging resistant, vibration exhaustion resistant, low temperature resistant, paintable and convenient to use, etc.

Application field

Mainly used for repair and sealing of windshield glass, can also be used for bonding and sealing of automotive glass.


a. Fast curing under room temperature , no sagging, solvent free

b. High adhesive strength, wide application range for base materials

c. Good chemical and water resistance

d. Excellent aging resistance

e. Excellent noise, vibration and impaction resistance

f. Good damp resistance and anti mildew

g. Paintable, abrasionable

Technical Data



Test Method


Black paste

Hardness, Shore A 


GB/T 531.1-2008

Sagging, mm


GB/T 13477.6-2002

Solid content, %


GB/T 2793-1995

Tack free time, Min


GB/T 13477.5-2002

Curing rate, mm/24h


Shear strength, Mpa


GB/T 7124-2008

Tensile strength, Mpa


GB/T 528-2009

Elongation at break,%


GB/T 528-2009

Tensile strength at 100%, Mpa


GB/T 528-2009

Tear strength, N/mm


GB/T 529-2009


310ml, 400ml and 600ml sausage.


At 5℃~25℃ shady, dry place, 6 months of storage time.

Technical Service

Full support for customer in technology

Working Instruction

Surface preparation

Clean all dust, loose particles, greasy dirt and water with gauze or other cleaning tools. Corrosion sites should be removed by metal brush and then use acetone or alcohol to clean the surface. All former sealant should be cleaned by scraping, paring, friction, jet of strong air or suitable ways.  

Primers & activators

In general, no primers and/or activators are recommended when using JS-316. In order to obtain the best adhesive performance, corresponding primer and activator should be used. When applying, uniformly disperse primer and activator, avoid primer or activator clump and uncover of base materials.


JS-316 doesn’t need mixing and can be used directly.


Spread JS-316 on base materials with glue gun, suggesting thickness of sealant is no less then 1 mm, best 3~5 mm.

Application condition

Recommended application conditions are under temperatures of 15-35 ℃ and relative humidity of 50%-75%. If the ambient temperature is low, and the glue speed does not meet the process requirements, sealants are recommended to be heated in 50-60 ℃ oven for 30-60 minutes.


Full cure (dry 7 days under 20℃) for JS-316 should be finished before applied to water immersion places. 

The sealant surface can be painted but solvent based paints such as colorful enamel may be incompatible. If used, in site testing should be done to ensure the compatibility.

No permission for wet spreading technology. Solvent, water, activator and/or soap solution is not suggested. 

No permission for using in high chloride content disinfected area like swimming pool before consulting technician of Zhijiang . 

Painting Property

JS-316 can be painted with traditional methods like epoxy or acrylic coatings when cured. If high solvent content coatings like luster enamel or high oily base coatings are used, reaction will take place at the surface of sealants, which will soften the sealant surface. 

The tensile strength of coating should close to sealant in order to achieve the best appearance and property. Painting could be processed after 24 hours if thickness of sealant is less than 3 mm or after 48 hours if thickness of sealant is more than 3 mm.

Health and Safety

JS-316 is uninflammable.

No contact with eye or skin. Please contact doctor or poisoning preventing center in case of poisoning. 

If contacted with skin, take off the polluted clothes and clean thoroughly for 15 minutes or longer, then go to the doctors.

Pretest Process

Zhijiang will sample all related materials and do testings to choose the best type of sealant and best performance to prevent any potential problems. Please ask technician of Zhijiang for more specifics.