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Company has eight series products which includes more than 60 varieties. Our “FINOTECH” brand sealants widely use for construction, automotive, machinery, electronic, electrical equipment and solar photovoltaic industry and other industries. Our products are not only well applied in domestic market, even sold very well to Europe, North American, South American, Southeast of Asia, Middle East and so on. Meanwhile, our products have a very high visibility and reputation in the world market.

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  • FT-311 Polyurethane Sealant for Windshield Glazing

  • Automotive industry
  • black,white,grey

Product description


FT 311 is an isocyanate-free, high modulus,

non conductive, thixotropic, single component modified polyurethane adhesive, which polymerizes rapidly under the effect of atmospheric moisture. It has been specially designed for bonding of fixed glass in automotive repair.

It allows a drive away time of 6 hours in vehicles with or without airbag.

*Providing the ambient temperature is at least 23°C and relative humidity 50 %.

At lower temperatures and humidities drive away time will be longer.

Where to use

Bonding and sealing for windshield glass, glass fiber reinforced plastic fittings, steel and aluminum board of automobiles.

Key features

a. Fast curing under room temperature, no sagging, solvent free

b. High bonding strength, 

c. Good chemical and water resistance

d. No conductive

e. Excellent noise, vibration and impaction resistance

f. Automotive OEM quality


Packed in 400ml and 600ml sausage. Please see the print volume information.

Shelf life

9 months in the original unopened cartridge or foil (see USE BY DATE on label).


Store in a dry and shady place (5℃~25℃)


PLEASE READ TDS and MSDS for Technical and Health Information BEFORE HANDLING.

Keep it out of reach (Children).

Please Contact Zhijiang Company for Further Information.

MSDS and Data Sheet are available on request.