Advanced process

Comprehensively improve modern technology level of production equipment, import eighteen fully automatic sealant production lines from United States, Germany, and Italy which are the most advanced in the world and provide a reliable guarantee for producing high quality products.

The factory adopts advanced 6S management concept, to improve the efficiency of site management, to ensure product quality is more stable, better control process, so as to provide customers with first-class quality products.

  • 1S SEIRI: to and do not, keep and remove

    Distinguish any items in the workplace as necessary and unnecessary, necessary to stay, and not necessary to completely remove the site.

  • 2S SEITON: scientific layout, take quick

    Item placement and material movement should efficient and rational; classify the necessary things, put it in good order at the correct place according to the provisions, clear quantity and be labeled.

  • 3S SEISOU: cleaning and maintenance, beautiful and efficient

    Remove dirt from the workplace, and to prevent it happening again, inspection, cleaning and maintenance of equipment, keep the workplace clean and bright.

  • 4S SEIKETSU: keep clean, implement outright
    Institutionalized, standardized implement the above 3S, sustained, continuous improvement, and continuously improve.

  • 5S SHITSUKE: develop habits, improve accomplishment

    Carry out in accordance with the provisions, everyone develops good habits, cultivate civilized manners, comply with the system, and possess actively professionalism spirit and accomplishment.

  • 6S SECURITY: warning inspections, elimiate hidden dangers

    Perfect security warning, timely security inspections, implement safety protection, and adhere to security activities.

Advanced production equipment

  • XKV automatic mixing production line
  • Automatic production line for butyl sealant from Germany
  • Automatic packing system for sausage sealant from Germany
  • One time two cartridges high-speed filling system from Germany
  • One time two cartridges high-speed filling system from Germany
  • Automatic production line for industry sealant
  • American horizontal mixer
  • Closed system of sealant mixing line
  • Automatic sealant mixing system
  • Automatic double-screw mixing system
  • Automatic production line
  • Automatic production line control room